Brest Jews Report on Successful 2010

BREST, Belarus - Members of the Jewish community of Brest gathered for the final meeting of the community organization Brisk. At the meeting, the Board of Directors presented its reports on the progress and challenges encountered in its past year of work.

Brisk chairman Boris Bruk and community members approved the Board's work and supported the proposals made regarding activities to be pursued by the organization in 2011.

According to Mr. Bruk, the main focus of Brisk projects in 2010 was perpetuating the memory of the Holocaust. "Memory needs to be kept alive" was the motto for the work dedicated to honoring the memory of Holocaust victims.

Through this initiative last year, a monument to Holocaust victims was erected in the village of Vysokoe, and the remains of the victims were reburied in Brest. In addition, many events were organized to mark dates relating to the events of World War II.

2010 was also a year for conducting extensive work on promoting Jewish culture. At the initiative of the Brisk organization and in cooperation with the Embassy of Israel in Belarus, several exhibitions were held, as well as numerous concerts involving residents and guests of Brest, including members of the Jewish community.

The Jewish community of Brest is a member of the Association of Jewish Communities of Belarus


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