Belarus court decides to keep former presidential candidate in custody

MINSK, January 6 (Itar-Tass) - Poet Vladimir Nekliayev, who was one of the candidates for presidency in the December election in Belarus, will remain in custody, says a resolution taken Thursday by the court of Minsk' s Central district.

By issuing the decision, the judges turned down the lawyers' petition to change the method of pretrial restrictions for the candidate and to place him under written recognizance not to leave.

At this moment, Nekaliayev is kept in an investigation ward of the Belarussian KGB. He is charged with organizing mass riots in Minsk on the election day, December 19, 2010.

The information provided by the Belarussian human rights center Vesna suggests the criminal case on mass riots features nine suspects, seven of which are former candidates for presidency.

Four former candidates are kept in the KGB's investigation center.

Nekliayev did not take part in the unauthorized action of opposition supporters that grew over into rampages and clashes between the protesters and the police forces.

Unidentified people wearing black uniforms without insignia beat Nekliayev toughly before the end of voting December 19. Several hours after hospitalization unknown people snatched him from the hospital.

His family members and relatives did not know anything about his plight or health conditions for several days in a row.


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