Yanukovych hides his congratulation to Lukashenka from Ukrainians

Ukraine Pres Yanukovych congratulated Belarus Pres Lukashenka on his victory in the Dec. 19 presidential election, Belarus president website reported back on Dec. 31, Ukrayinska Pravda says Jan. 6.

"I am convinced that after your election as Belarus president the cooperation between Ukraine and Belarus will reach new heights," the Yanukovych congratulation runs.

Meanwhile, the congratulation has not appeared on the Yanukovych site so far. Anna Herman, the deputy chief of the presidential administration, dodged the question from UP as to whether Yanukovych congratulated Lukashenka, answering "I don't know."

The Dec. 19 presidential election in Belarus was extremely fraudulent. Its results were not recognized by the EU and United States. Five presidential candidates out of 7 were detained by Belarus authorities on the voting day.


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