Lukashenko's inauguration scheduled for Jan. 21


Jan. 21 is seen in Minsk as the most likely date for President-elect Alexander Lukashenko's inauguration.

The inauguration ceremony is to be held next Friday, Belarusian online reports say.

The president's press service refrained from comments, when asked by Interfax to confirm or deny reports about the date for the inauguration ceremony.

In line with the constitution the president-elect assumes duties after taking an oath. The oath goes: "Taking the office of president of the Republic of Belarus I solemnly swear to serve with devotion to the people of the Republic of Belarus, to respect and defend human and civil rights and liberties, to observe and guard the constitution of the Republic of Belarus, and to sacredly and conscientiously fulfill the lofty duties laid upon me."

The oath is taken in a ceremonial setting, attended by lawmakers, and judges of the constitutional, supreme and higher arbitration courts no later than two months following the president's election.

Lukashenko emerged victorious from the elections on December 19 2010, winning 79.65% of votes. Voter turnout was 90.65%.


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