West too harsh with Belarus

After the presidential elections in Belarus the opposition staged demonstrations which were brutally repressed by the state. Europe reacted with harsh criticism.

But the West turning its back on the country will only increase the regime's dependency on Russia, warns the online newspaper Ir:

"The events in Minsk must be seen from the perspective of those who profited most from the situation - and it certainly wasn't Lukashenko or the truly pro-European Belarusians, whether in power or in opposition. The country needs the resources of the West now more than ever. By capping its relations with Russia Minsk had put all its hopes in more investment from Europe, but the results now are as expected: since election night the West has said goodbye to Belarus as a potential partner. But ultimately this only plays into the hands of Russia, and the Kremlin is very much aware that the West is looking for any excuse to reject the Belarusians and the entire region."


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