West's complaints about elections in Belarus unrelated to voting: official

Complaints by Western politicians and experts about the Belarusian presidential election campaign are not related to the voting process, a parliamentary leader said on Wednesday

The unhappiness of the West has nothing to do with the election itself, said Anatoly Rubinov, chairman of the National Assembly Republic Council.

"The election went rather well, particularly taking into account that elections in other former Soviet republics had involved not only violations but also casualties, and those elections had still been recognized as valid", he said.

Rubinov said the European Union seemed unhappy about the improvement in Belarusian-Russian relations and the complaints were supposed to put pressure on Russia.

"By itself Belarus is a peaceful country without ambitions, including military ones, and does not impede anyone," he said, adding that Belarus is interested in further cooperating with Europe and the USA.

Earlier on Wednesday, European Parliament Chairman Jerzy Buzek called on the EU to review relations with Belarus in response to brief detention of opposition protesters in the country in December.

During Dec. 19 and Dec. 20, more than 630 protesters were detained in Minsk after the presidential election. The majority of them have been served with administrative detention from 10 to 15 days.


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