Slovakia - State Secretary Jezovica: phone call to the father of an arrested Belarussian activist

State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Milan Jezovica received leaders of youth organisations that gathered in front of the Belarussian Embassy in Bratislava demanding the release of the Opposition politicians and civic activists arrested during the post-electoral demonstration in Belarus in December. They were particularly interested in the case of the youngest of detainees, 19-year old Anastasia Palazhanka who faces 15 years in prison.

During the meeting, Mr Jezovica placed a call to Anastasia's father Vladimir Palazhanka to express solidarity, compassion and support to his daughter: "We understand the weight of your situation as a father and wish to express our support to your daughter and the entire family. Together with the other EU member states, the Slovak Republic is working towards a timely release of your daughter and the other detainees."

The protest meeting in front of the Belarussian Embassy was called by the representatives of the Civic-Democratic Youth, Young Liberals, New Generation and the Christian Democratic Youth of Slovakia. Mr Jezovica informed their representatives about Ms Palazhanka's case and updated them on the recent developments of the EU policy towards Belarus.


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