Fantastic Mr. Fox wreaks revenge on hunter... by shooting him in the leg

By Simon Crisp

At Asylum we've seen enough weapon-wielding animals to know that you have to be careful around innocent-looking critters, because at any moment they could whip out an AK47.

But it looks like our warning is yet to reach Belarus, where a would-be hunter has been hospitalised by a fox he was trying to kill. Seriously Belarus, when will you start listening to us?

And unlike this refusing-to-go-down-without-a-fight deer, the wounded and wronged animal didn't just rely on its teeth and claws, oh no... it shot the hunter with his own rifle.

Officials say the hunter, who understandably wants to remain anonymous, had shot the fox at distance, and then approached to finish it off with the butt of the rifle.

But the uncooperative fox was having none of it and got into a scuffle with the chap, somehow pulling the trigger of his rifle with its paw and shooting him in the leg.

While the cunning fox made its escape, the hunter ended up in hospital... and now faces relentless mocking from his mates when they realise what happened. Though, to be fair... at least he wasn't shot by his own dog.


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