Iranian Province, Belarus Seeking to Expand Economic Ties

TEHRAN (FNA)- Officials of Iran's Northeastern province of East Azerbaijan and the Belarusian ambassador to Iran in a meeting on Saturday explored avenues for the expansion of economic ties and cooperation between the two sides, in investment grounds in particular.

At the meeting, Governor-General of the East Azerbaijan province Alireza Beigi said the good and fruitful relations between the two countries' presidents pave a good ground for the further expansion of ties and cooperation between the two sides.

He said production of Iranian passenger car, Samand, in Belarus which has found a good market in the country and the presence and operation of Belarusian carmakers in Iran have created a positive atmosphere for the further development of mutual cooperation between the two sides.

Beigi said his province is interested to pave the necessary grounds for private sector investment, and demanded for more exchange of information between the two sides in a move to provide the two countries' traders with a lower rate of investment risk.

He said his province has had the highest rate of foreign investment among Iranian provinces in recent years, and reiterated that all provincial officials are ready to support foreign investors in an effort to boost the economic exchanges of the East Azerbaijan province with the outside world.


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