Michael A. Markham Returns from Belarus

Bermuda resident Michael A. Markham has returned from Minsk, Belarus, where he noted that he was an official Independent Election Observer of the 2010 Belarus Presidential elections held last week.

Mr. Markham said he was part of a 4 person delegation of the 'World Council of Spiritual Diplomacy.' Mr Markham recently authored a document 'Spiritual Diplomacy and the New World Order.'

While he was in Minsk, after the actual vote, he says he spoke with Parliamentarians to explore ways to interact with organizations in Belarus. Mr. Markham disclosed that a "senior Belarus Parliamentary representative who was responsible for drafting laws for the transition to the new reforms to Belarus Democracy has expressed interest in exchanging information in respect to Constitutional reform and legislative process." Mr Markham plans to present a report to a Bermuda think tank.

Mr. Markham is pictured to the left with L.M. Ermoshina, Chairperson of the Belarus Elections Commission.

Mr. Markham stated "President Lukashenko has verbalized a commitment by his government to find new ways of Democratic reform, while still keeping the social and economic stability of the past. The people and President of Belarus as an emerging Democracy are seeking to establish relationships with Western Democracies; but are finding that Democracy in the West means different things to different people."

Mr. Markham further stated: "The European election observers want Belarus to look like the European Union; the Russian and Commonwealth of Independent States observers want Belarus to model itself after Russia's democratic experiment, the Americans want everyone to have a Government set up like that of the United States. Obviously, Belarus will need to develop a government which is unique to Belarus while at the same time upholding those universal values which area expressed in the concept of democracy."


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