Belarus: to plan to increase agricultural production increase by 7-8% in 2011

In 2011 in Belarus the volume of agricultural production should increase by 7-8% compared to 2010. The appropriate parameter is provided by the forecast of the social-economic development of Belarus, stated by the Decree of the Soviet of Ministers # 596.

According to the Government decision, the labor capacity in the system of the Ministry of Agricultural Production in 2011 should total 108-109%, sales profitability in the industrial enterprises of the system - 8-9%, in agricultural enterprises - 6-8%.

According to the Ministry of Agricultural Production statement, according to the results of 2010 agricultural production increase is all the categories of enterprises of Belarus is expected at the level of 1% (in 2009 - 1.3%), meanwhile the forecast totals 10-11%, including production volume, plant growing will face a decrease of 2.2%


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