Europe chose pressure instead of dialogue: Belarus MPs

The resolution adopted by the European Parliament suggests that common sense has once again been sacrificed to emotions, and instead of dialogue, European politicians have chosen pressure, said Belarusian parliamentarians in a statement on Friday.

"The resolution of the European Parliament posted deep regret among the Belarusian parliamentarians and demonstrated once again that the European Parliament ignored objective facts in molding its stance towards the Republic of Belarus," the MPs stated.

They said that the presidential election in Belarus was conducted in strict accordance with the national legislation, and the results are undisputed and reflect the will of the Belarusian people.

"Spectrum of interaction between Belarus and the European Union is diverse and encompasses a variety of activities of mutual interest. No restrictive measures, but only search for mutual understanding and cooperation is the only true and reliable instrument for solving problems," said the statement of the National Assembly.

According to the opinion of Belarusian parliamentarians, law enforcement officers exercised maximum restraint and did not interfere with the unsanctioned rally as long as its leaders and participants did not made it openly violent.

"The actions of law enforcement officers were lawful and proportionate to the force of provocations from protesters," the MPs stated.

They said it was long evident that the practice of using the language of ultimatums in a dialogue with a sovereign state has completely exhausted itself and proved futile. However, the National Assembly reaffirms its willingness "to engage in a constructive dialogue with international parliamentary organizations and national parliaments of foreign countries, but solely on the basis of mutual respect and equality.

The European Parliament adopted Thursday a resolution against Belarus, calling on the Council of the European Union to impose sanctions, including a ban on entry to the EU and the freezing of assets, against Belarusian officials, judges and law enforcement agents involved in the dispersal of the opposition after the presidential election on Dec. 19, 2010.


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