Belarus: agricultural production shortage to total 2 trl BYR

According to the results of 2010, agricultural production in Belarus faced shortage at the level of 2 trl BYR, stated Mikhail Rusyi, the Minister of Agriculture and Food.

According to him, the major commodities shortage is noticed in plant-growing industry, and formed the level of 1.4 trl BYR. In natural terms, grain shortage totaled - 3 mln tonnes, rapeseed - 625 thsd tonnes, and etc.

While commenting commodities shortage in plant-growing, the Minister noted that grains and leguminous plants production in bunker weight decreased by 17.6% compared to the last year rate. At the same time, the average grain yield decreased by 5.6 c/ha and reached the level of 27.6 c/ha.

Due to technological failures, the country faced the essential grains shortage, stated the Minister. That is why the terms of winter grains sowing campaign were offended, they do not pay the tribute attention to organic fertilizers applying, they do not realize the corresponding protection of grains and leguminous plants sowings.


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