Diplomat: Hospitalization caused by stress

BUDAPEST, Hungary, Jan. 27 (UPI) -- Hungarian diplomat Ferenc Kontra says his recent hospitalization was due to the stress of being the European Union's top official in Belarus.

Kontra said reports police at a demonstration in Minsk on Dec. 19 struck him are incorrect, and called them "speculation," EUobserver reported.

"Of course the very tense situation here in the past few months, the pressure that was on me ... may have contributed to my (medical) condition," Kontra said. "It's simple stress. Maybe a little bit of hard luck, a slightly high blood sugar level."

Kontra spoke out after reports circulated in EU diplomatic circles he was hit on the head by a police officer while at the scene of the protest.

"If I had remained there for another period of time I don't exclude the possibility that there could have been a confrontation because they (Belarusian riot police) were not asking who was who. In their eyes everyone was a protester."

Reports he was injured by a police officer began to circulate after he spent nearly two weeks in the hospital, missing an important EU meeting.

"Of course, there were some worries and I understand there could be some speculation about what happened and what was the reason that I did not attend," Kontra said.


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