Slovakia - Meetings with non-governmental and specialist communities on Belarus

State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs SR Milan Jezovica initiated an informal meeting of the Ministry's representatives with those from the non-governmental sector and organisations actively involved in Belarus under the Slovak development aid. They discussed the current situation in Belarus, the position of the Slovak Republic and the emerging EU position on the developments in Belarus, and explored steps that the Ministry and the NGOs can make in mutual communication.

An additional activity of the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with Belarus was an informal meeting held at the Permanent Representation of the Slovak Republic to the EU on Monday 24 January 2011. Experts from the EU Member States responsible for the EU policy on the Eastern neighbourhood with the representatives of Belarusian non-governmental sector at the Slovak Permanent Mission in Brussels. The discussion focused on the developments in Belarus after the Presidential elections in December, their implications on the relations between Minsk and Brussels, and alternatives of further EU approach.


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