Fifth time lucky for Gunesh Abasova?

Gunesh Abasova will be trying her luck for the fifth time at the Belarussian Eurovision Song Contest selection this year. She already entered the local competition back in 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009, being close to winning in several occasions. She is all set to fight for the Belarussian ticket to Oslo with the song Every day.

Gunesh says in an interview with Belarussian news agency Belta that she is planning to surprise the jury at the Belarussian Eurovision selection with a proper song, image and performance. Her bid for the 2010 local competition is entitled Every day, with which the singer hopes to reach her aim this year and represent Belarus in Oslo.

Despite not winning in her previous participations, Gunesh does not regret them: "By participating in those selections, I realised that someone who is willing and running, gets closer to victory and wins. Twice I became a finalist of the national selection and ranked second. I think this is already a victory. And if you have the strength and desire, then why not try it again", Gunesh states.

Eurovision is, in the singer's opinion, "a celebration of music, creativity and positiveness", and notes that thanks to being watched by millions and millions of viewers, "you are noticed and remembered".

Singers from Spain, Iceland, Poland, Israel and Ireland apply

BTRC has informed that 20 applications have been received as of yesterday, when the deadline passed. The broadcaster will continue receiving more materials submitted by ordinary mail. Some of the submissions come from foreign countries, such as Spain, Iceland, Israel, Poland, Ireland and neighbouring Russia, since this year the country's broadcaster BTRC allowed non-Belarussian citizens to take part in the process.

The final decision on who will represent Belarus this year in Oslo will be made no later than March 10th.


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