Prinsloo given 13 years in Belarus

Liezl Thom

Former Pretoria advocate Dirk Prinsloo will spend the next 13 years behind bars.

Prinsloo was found guilty and sentenced in the former soviet state of Belarus on Monday.

He was recaptured in that country after spending more than three years on the run after a failed bank robbery.

After Judge Vasili Petriv sentenced Prinsloo, the former advocate began swearing angrily.

Prinsloo was found guilty of theft, attempted robbery and hooliganism but was acquitted on a charge of torture and threat to murder.

The court ordered any property Prinsloo owned in Belarus to be confiscated.

He must also pay compensation to his victims, the municipality for sending out an ambulance to the crime scene and the hospital where the victims were treated.

Prinsloo indicated he would appeal his conviction and sentence which he must do in the next 10 days.

(Edited by Melissa du Preez)


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