Dedicated to Belarus cause

FOR FIFTEEN years, husband and wife team Andy and Joan Cloke have been making a difference to the lives of children half a world away.

For the Caim couple have dedicated their time, love and resources to the sick and poor of Belarus, particularly children confined to orphanages.

For the first 10 years their focus was with the Chernoby Children's Project, based in Cork. However, in 2004 Andy and Joan set up their own Charity 'Chernobyl Child Aid' in the Enniscorthy area, and since then, twice a year, in April and October, they make the harrowing journey to Belarus.

Truck loads of vital supplies are ferried with them, and they arrive to roll up their sleeves and work on the ground with the volunteers they have persuaded to travel with them.

Every summer the duo and their friends in the Enniscorthy area also organise for a group of 40 Belarussian children to come to County Wexford for a respite holiday. Despite all of their efforts Andy and Joan seek no reward. They show a humility and honesty in everything they do, whether its fundraising for the cause, delivering goods to Belarus or completing DIY workschemes in orphanages.


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