Polish Union evicted from centre in Belarus

A court ruling has ordered the eviction of the Polish Union from its building in Ivyanets, sparking outrage.

Courts in Volozhyn have ordered the Union of Poles headed by Andzelika Borys to leave its building in the town of Ivyanets, not far from the Belarusian capital Minsk.

The ruling has caused outrage among Union members, who believe the move is "scandalous", deputy head of the Union of Poles, Andzelika Orehovo told Polish Radio after the court judgment.

Courts ruled that the Polish centre in Ivyanets will be returned to Stanislaw Siemaszko's fraction of the Union of Poles in Belarus, which is loyal towards the country's president Aleksandr Lukashenko.

Earlier in the day police stopped 16 members, including Andzelika Borys, who were on their way to Volozhyn to attend the hearing. They were let free soon after, but not allowed into the courtroom.

Speaking to Polish Radio before the court decision on the Polish House in Ivyanets, Borys said that she was not expecting the court decision to be favourable to the Union of Poles in Belarus.

The Union of Poles in Belarus is an organisation that represents 400,000 Poles in Poland's eastern neighbour, and has come under repeated fire from the Belarusian president for trying to undermine his authoritarian regime in the country.


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