Belarus takes Polish House from minority group

A Belarusian court has taken away the Polish House in Ivenets from the Warsaw-backed Union of Poles in Belarus, placing it in the hands of another organization of the same name established by the Lukashenko regime.

In the past five years, the state has taken away 15 out of 18 such houses, built with Polish taxpayers' money.

Yesterday, the court decided that the house, completed in 2002 at a cost of zl.2 million, was the property of the organization recognized by the regime, and threw out Teresa Sobol, who until recently was director of the building, ordering her to pay her own legal costs.

The house was stormed by police 10 days ago, with Ms Sobol accused of taking it over illegally.

The court ruling came in spite of condemnation of repression of the Polish minority in Belarus from the Sejm and a warning to uphold the rights of minorities from the French foreign ministry.

Source: Gazeta Wyborcza


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