Iranian FM holds joint press conference with his Belarusian counterpart

Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki held a joint press conference with his Belarusian counterpart Siarhiej Martynau here on Tuesday.

In the press conference, Mottaki, by referring to common viewpoints of both countries on world issues and joint economic cooperation, said that President Alexander Lukashenko will visit Iran in near future.

He described bilateral negotiation as " good, useful and constructive," adding that mutual cooperation fields have been expanded in recent years and are still developing.

Presidents of Iran and Belarus have firm intention on developing bilateral relations, not only in the field of trade, but also in exporting engineering and technical services, Mottaki said.

Referring to the common viewpoints of both countries in regional and international issues, Mottaki said, "We are not satisfied with unfair international relations and we are trying to found a new world based upon justice and all nations' interests."

He stressed that two important events will happen in the current year in mutual relations; first President Lukashenko's visit to Iran and second exploitation of Joufair Oil Well which had been operated by Belarusian companies and these two events would be a new chapter in bilateral relations between Tehran and Minsk.

Martynau, by referring to the consultations between the two countries in different fields, said that cooperation and visits between senior officials of Iran and Belarus are constant and my visit to Tehran is in this direction.

He added that cooperation between the two countries is expanding and underlined that Iran and Belarus have close stances in the United Nations and Non-Aligned Movement.

Referring to the cooperation in Joufair Oil Well, Martynau said, "We hope that in the coming months, the pre-phase of exploitation of the well could be inaugurated in the presence of the two presidents."

Answering a question about Kremlin spokesperson statement concerning Iran's nuclear program, Mottaki said that Iran, from the beginning, has tried to use nuclear energy with peaceful goals and has maintained this aim, while Iran's viewpoint on nuclear arsenal is also clear and transparent.

There are two important points in our relations with international bodies. One our obligation which comes with our membership and then our rights which we should enjoy because of our membership, Mottaki said.

He added there should be a balance between rights and obligations; it means that we should carry out our obligations and enjoy our rights.

Concerning a new letter of three countries; USA, Russia and France to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) about exchanging fuel for Tehran Research Reactor, Mottaki said that the letter is a technical one about " Isotopes", which is an ordinary communication and the IAEA is in charge of considering the technical issue and publishing it for world public opinion.


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