Lukashenko invites Rothschild to become consultant on privatization in Belarus


Minsk, February 19 (Interfax) - Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has invited the Rothschild group to act as a consultant on privatization in Belarus.

"We highly appreciate the operations of your group and it would be very beneficial for us to work with your experts. If you agree in principle, we could choose five to seven projects and work on them seriously," he said at a Friday meeting in Minsk with Arielle de Rothschild, senior executive of the Rothschild group.

Lukashenko said that the Belarusian side would "not only want to get an accurate evaluation of the companies assigned for privatization but also learn something."

"We have experience of cooperating," he added.

In this context he thanked the leadership of the Rothschild group for its evaluation "of some of our enterprises and organizations."

"Whatever they may write about us, we keep our word. And what we agree upon, we always do," he said.

Lukashenko invited the leadership of the Rothschild group to discuss the key principles of cooperation.

Arielle de Rothschild said the sides have experience of joint work on evaluating the assets of BPS Bank.

She said that her team had a good meeting with the Board Chairman of the Belarusian National Bank on Friday to better understand what Belarus intends to do from economic and financial points of view.


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