Belarus to import mineral fertilizers at the sum of 205 mln USD

Belarus plans to import 212 thsd tonnes of reactant of nitrogenous fertilizers and 95 thsd tonnes of reactant of phosphatic fertilizers at the sum of 205 mln USD for usage in the spring sowing campaign of 2010, declared Vasiliy Pavlovskiy, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, on February 17. Thus, the country plans to increase imports of nitrogenous fertilizers by 3.5 times, and imports of phosphatic fertilizers - by two times.

According to V.Pavlovskiy, the deficit of public purchasing volumes from domestic enterprises caused the necessity to increase volumes of import purchasing of mineral fertilizers. To date the level of provision with mineral fertilizers is quite low, and totals 39% from the required volumes. According to data of V.Pavlovskiy, the requirements in nitrogenous fertilizers were satisfied by 25%, phosphatic fertilizers - 28%, potash fertilizers - 57%.


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