Rammstein declared to be National Enemy of Belarus

German metal band Rammstein are up to their necks - in trouble once again... Their latest album "Liebe ist fur alle da' first caused an uproar in their home country Germany and now also in Belarus. Which country is next? In September 2009 Rammstein shocked the world with the video for their new song 'Pussy' which was pretty much considered porn.

And earlier this month, Rammstein wasn't allowed to play any songs of their new album during shows in Dortmund's Westphalia Hall, as the album was indexed by the German Family Ministry authorities, which means that the album is harmful and can not be presented to underaged people. The reason being... Rammstein would be, more or less, encouraging unsafe sex and sadomasochistic practices.

In Belarus, the 'Council for societal morality' or 'Guards of the Moral' recently stepped and cancelled the Rammstein concert slated for May 7, 2010.

Rammstein were even declared to be a Belarusian national enemy. The musicians would "...vandalize the Belarusian governmental system with their show, music and lyrics", stated the council. "The Rammstein songs are propaganda for violence, masochism, homosexuality and other perversity, directed against the Belarusian values", they explained.

"We were shown videoparts of one of the Rammstein concerts. What we have seen, does not fit into any context at all", said the writer Nikolai Tschernigez yesterday, who is a member of the council.

According to Tschernigez, the USA know how to treat a band like Rammstein.

"They lock musicians like Rammstein in jail".


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