'Advocate Barbie' sentenced to 7 years behind bars

Liezl Thom

Former Pretoria advocate Cezanne Visser was sentenced to seven years in prison in the North Gauteng High Court on Wednesday.

Last year, Visser was found guilty of molesting several women and girls.

Her former boyfriend Dirk Prinsloo, on whom she blamed her actions, is serving time in a prison in Belarus for a botched bank robbery.

The judge rejected suggestions to place Visser under correctional supervision, saying it would have denied the seriousness of the crime.

A psychologist told the court earlier this month Visser was not a paedophile or a child molester, and even though the prosecution agreed with this it argued she should be locked up.

The former advocate was cuffed and led down to the holding cells after the verdict.

Her lawyers indicated they would appeal her conviction and sentence.


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