SA fugitive jailed in Belarus

SOUTH African fugitive Dirk Prinsloo was sentenced to 13 years in prison by a district court in Belarus for theft, assault and attempted bank robbery .

Judge Wasili Petrif also ruled on Monday that Prinsloo should pay the legal costs of the case and some money to the victims for "morale and material damage".

Prinsloo told reporters after the ruling was handed down: "This is f*****g crazy." He said his prosecution was unfair. " This entire court case ... illustrates the approval of corruption and Stalinism. It breached just about every human right." He said he was not allowed to call any witnesses or present the case in his mother tongue, and was not given a proper opportunity to cross-examine witnesses.

"I expected that this judge would make an unfair ruling."

His last words before being led away by police was: "I miss you (South Africa) a lot."

Prinsloo stood trial for stealing a R14700 diamond necklace from one of his several girlfriends and the abuse and "torture" of another girlfriend. Prosecutors said he slapped her in the face and "delivered blows" to her body, as well as taking pictures of her injuries with which he would taunt her.

He is a fugitive from justice in South Africa after he jumped bail before a trial in which he and his girlfriend, Cezanne Visser, were accused of sexually abusing young girls . Visser is due to be sentenced this month . - Sapa


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