Kyrgyzstan to join Customs Union of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus if it is favorable

text: "Kazakhstan Today"

Bishkek. February 25. Kazakhstan Today - Kyrgyzstan will join the Customs Union of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus only in case it is beneficial for them. The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Daniyar Usenov, said at the press conference, the agency reports citing the government's press service.

According to the Prime Minister, Kyrgyzstan as a WTO participant has the right to participate in one of the regional associations. "Today our custom duties coincide with the established in the union on 2.5 thousand positions out of 12 thousand. The other tariffs of the the Customs Union participants are higher. Kyrgyzstan experts will carry out calculations and define how beneficial it is for Kyrgyzstan to join the union," he explained.

The Prime Minister also said that the countries - participants of the Customs Uunion have done big work on joining WTO while Kyrgyzstan is already the member of this organization.


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