Belarus - Measures to improve energy use in Belarus till 2012 okayed

The Belarusian Government has approved the measures meant to improve the effectiveness of using fuel and energy resources till 2012. The decision is laid down by Council of Ministers resolution No 248.

The document was adopted in order to implement Frugality and Thriftiness Directive No 3. The Council of Ministers resolution lists industrial facilities where power plants will be installed and technological processes and equipment will be upgraded in 2010-2012. Plans have been laid down to phase out lamps by 2012, which are used in industrial buildings and outdoor lighting and which energy effectiveness parameters are below government standards. At least 50% of such lamps will be decommissioned in 2010.

By 1 June government agencies are supposed to work out action plans for 2010-2012 and agree them with the State Standardization Committee. The action plans are supposed to increase the use of secondary energy resources (including surplus pressure) and to modernize boiler equipment taking into account economic expediency. Design and budget documentation has to be prepared for rebuilding and overhauling heating pipelines and systems, individual heating units, documentation for fitting the installations with pre-insulated pipes. There are plans to stop commissioning new gas-fired boiler equipment (except for boilers used by the Belarusian electrical concern Belenergo) which specific fuel consumption for heating purposes exceeds 161 kg of oil equivalent per Gigacalorie in 2011 and 160 kg of oil equivalent per Gigacalorie in 2012.

Government agencies in association with the State Standardization Committee are supposed to work out and introduce state standards as from 1 January 2011 to ration the consumption of fuel and energy resources for manufacturing tractors, automobiles, glass and glass products, mineral fertilizers, automobile and motorcycle tires, for oil and gas condensate processing, oil transportation, for manufacturing chemical yarns and fibers and other products.


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