Belarus to invest Br7 trillion in energy grid modernization

This year Belarus will invest Br6.886-Br7.481 trillion in the modernization of the national energy grids, energy saving and promoting the use of local fuels. These measures are envisaged in the 2010 plan of action to the national comprehensive program to modernize key production assets of the Belarusian energy system, promote energy saving and increase the share of local fuels till 2011. The action plan was approved by Resolution No. 224 of the Council of Ministers.

According to the document, Br1899.8 billion will be channeled into the upgrade of the key production assets including Br811.3 billion from the innovation fund of the Energy Ministry. Some Br4985.8 -Br5581.5 billion will be put into energy saving. Some Br145.76 billion of them will be the funds from the national budget set aside for the national and regional energy saving programs. Some Br24.129 billion will be invested in the timber procurement and delivery infrastructure of the Forestry Ministry.

Some 1.4 million tonnes of fuel equivalent will be saved as a result of the energy saving measures in 2010. The share of local fuels, secondary, non-conventional and renewable fuels is expected to increase to 20.5% in the boiler and furnace fuels consumption mix. In 2009 the share of local fuels reached 20.1%, above the 19.4% target.

The action plan for 2010 meets the goals envisaged in the national comprehensive program. Detailed completion schedules have been developed for all the energy facilities under reconstruction. Unit No. 5 of the Bereza state district power plant is being upgraded with gas turbines installed there. The unit will be commissioned into operation in December 2010. As a result, the power output of the unit will increase by 65MW; the depreciation of the equipment and the fuel input will be reduced. Two 32.5MW combined cycle blocks will be installed at Minsk CHP plant No. 2 in 2010.

A new turbine at Vitebsk CHP plant will come on stream by the end of 2010; a co-generation plant designed for local fuels will be constructed in Rechitsa. Installation and construction works will be continued at Minsk CHP plant No. 5. A combined cycle unit with the capacity of 399.6MW is to be constructed there in 2011. Other major projects include the renovation of Grodno CHP plant No. 2 where a combined cycle block with the capacity of 110MW will be installed and the construction of Grodno hydroelectric power plant at the Neman River. These projects will be completed in 2011.

In 2010, the Energy Ministry plans to construct and upgrade 1,779 kilometers of electrical grid facilities and power transmission lines, replace 140 kilometers of heat supply networks.

Apart from the abovementioned power generating facilities affiliated with the Belenergo, another 95.5MW generating facilities will be commissioned into operation in Belarus in 2010.


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