Azerbaijan, Belarus to define prospects for economic cooperation

The Azerbaijani and Belarusian governments will outline prospects for economic cooperation at an intergovernmental trade and economic cooperation commission meeting in Baku in May, the Belarusian Embassy in Azerbaijan old Trend News.

The commission's previous meeting was held in Minsk in May 2009. The Baku meeting will discuss topical issues of bilateral cooperation in all spheres of the economy.

According to the Belarusian side, over the past five years, bilateral trade turnover between Azerbaijan and Belarus has grown 10.7 times and in 2008 exceeded $100 million for the first time. Belarusian exports to Azerbaijan increased 12 times during this period.

In January-November 2009, trade turnover between the two countries amounted to $120.4 million, the Azerbaijani State Statistics Committee reported.

The nomenclature of Belarusian exports to Azerbaijan include engineering products (tractors, trucks, refrigerators, washing machines, special purpose vehicles, wires and cables, elevators, machine tools and engines), food (dairy products, chocolate, confectionery), drugs, petrochemicals products (tires, polymers) and wood (lumber, hardboard and chipboard panels, plywood), crystal, glassware and ceramic tile.

Azerbaijani exports to Belarus agricultural products and raw materials (vegetable and fruit juices, nuts, tobacco, fresh and canned fruits and vegetables), as well as petrochemical products (synthetic fabrics, ethers, aluminum oxide).

Trade and economic cooperation between Belarus and Azerbaijan is not limited to export-import operations, but also includes industrial cooperation. Azerbaijan assembles Belarusian tractors, trucks and optical equipment.


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