Belarusian Government Orders Internet Providers To Snoop On Users

Ayinde O. Chase - AHN Editor

Minsk, Belarus (AHN) - Authorities in Belarus have ordered Internet providers to start collecting personal data and profiles of their users. The move is an effort by the government to enlist stricter online controls.

The governmental decree signed by President Aleksander Lukashenko goes into effect on July 1. he signed the order on the grounds that it was necessary in the fight against everything illegal and that it would improve the security of his country and its citizens.

Many human-rights activists call Lukashenko Europe's last dictators. In a move which he calls to combat crime Lukashenok authorized his country's Intelligence Analysis Center to break into any Internet traffic coming into or within Belarus. He gave the center further power by saying court orders would not be needed.

Prior to this latest move the country already had strict governmental controls surrounding communications. Opposition activists believe e latest crackdown is an attempt to prevent them from media access as the country inches closer to elections next year.

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