Latvia, Russia, Belarus sign border agreement

RIGA - The Latvian Foreign Ministry has signed a border agreement with Belarus and Russia defining the point of intersection of borders of the three countries.

The freshly agreed upon border point "lies at the point of intersection of the center lines of the river Zilupe and its tributary the Neverica," The Latvian Foreign Ministry said in a press release.

The triple border meeting point determined by the Agreement is the last stage in the demarcation of the Latvian-Belarusian border and the starting point for the process of demarcation of the Latvian-Russian border.

Latvia signed a border agreement was with Russia in mid-2007 after a 2 year controversy in which both sides laid claim to a region of land then known as Abrene, now known by its Russian name of Pytalovo.

On the Latvian side, the Agreement was signed by the Ambassador at Large of the Foreign Ministry, Ints Upmacis, on the Belarusian side - by the Chairman of the State Committee of Border Forces of Belarus, Igor Rachkovskiy, and on the Russian side - by the Ambassador at Large of the Foreign Ministry, Aleksey Obukhov.


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