Belarus Delegation Visits Prospective Combine Assembly Site in Priamurye

The experts learned the plant productive potential and its production

VLADIVOSTOK, February 7, The Belarus delegation visited "Krasnspetzburmash,"a plant in Shimanovsk, Amur Region. The experts learned the plant productive potential and its production; the press service of the Amur Region Administration reported to RIA PrimaMedia.

The aim of Belarus delegation is to enter and increase the relationship between the Amur Region Government and the Republic of Belarus Department of Industry. Namely, the parties are to sign the agreement on delivery of the component parts of 200 combines of CZS-1218 type to Priamurye. So the delegation of the Belarus Department of Industry and the machine building plants arrived in the Amur Region. The farming machines are expected to be delivered in three stages and to start this month. The combines should be assembled until the mid summer and supplied to the farmers before the harvesting.

First the delegation looked around the "Krasnspetzburmash" plant. The visitors were shown the production shops where the Belarus combines will be assembled. The Belarus guests made special mention of the plant facilities and the great interest of the Amur partners to the project.

The parties considered the issues of technological and economic cooperation at the meeting. The Belarus delegates noted that not only combines can be assembled at the Shimanovsk plant. They also suggested mutual cooperation in the range of industrial activity: to assemble the tractors, produce rigs and other attached implements for agricultural machines, produce trucks and spare parts as well as provide the after-sales service of the engineering at the plant facilities. Besides, the partners discussed the possibility of setting up of the joint company that will produce agricultural engineering and trucks of "Krasnspetzburmash" brand. The company will be able to provide the Amur Region with a wide variety of machinery and also export the equipment. The Belarus partners are ready to provide the technical assistance and train the qualified personnel.


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