Monday March 21, 7:00 am ET

MW2 Extends Offshore Capabilities to Belarus

- Belarus Is the Silicon Valley of the Former Soviet Union

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 21 /PRNewswire/ -- MW2 Consulting is pleased to announce the opening of its offshore development center in Misk, Belarus. Since December 2004, MW2 has been offering its clients access to high quality software engineers and SAP developers. The center in Belarus augments MW2's offshore capabilities which have been in place in Bangalore, India since 2003.


MW2 Consulting's CEO, Uwe Weinkauf, said, "Initial client response has been extremely enthusiastic. We chose Belarus as our second offshore location because of its reputation as the Silicon Valley of the former Soviet Union. The human resources capacity is truly impressive. In addition, Belarus benefits from a world class university and advanced scientific and engineering labs."

Because of previous experience managing projects across continents, MW2 has been able to leverage its expertise developed in India to extend capabilities into Eastern Europe.

Uwe Weinkauf explained, "By taking our management team into Eastern Europe, we are able to offer our clients software development capacity in a more convenient time zone and technical support in German if needed. Because German SAP clients have for years sought out developers in Belarus, a vast talent pool has grown. We are offering this expertise to our clients."

The effort in Belarus was made possible through a joint venture with a development center that has years of experience supporting European SAP clients. "Joint ventures allow entry into markets quickly and provide access to top local talent from day one," said Mr. Weinkauf.

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