Belarusian Economy Makes Good Start in 2006

Press Release - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Belarusian economy has made a good start in the first months of the current year. GDP has already grown by 10.2 per cent, even more than in the entire 2005. The statement to this effect was made by Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky at a sitting of the Council of Ministers on February 28. The agenda of the sitting included the results of the country's economic performance in January and forecast for February 2006.

Head of Government noted that the industrial and agricultural branches had showed quite stable performance, boosting production by 11-12 per cent in January. Sergei Sidorsky reminded that January had turned out to be not the easiest time of the year in terms of weather conditions.

Prime Minister named the increase in exports as another positive factor accelerating the economic performance in the first month of the year. Although due to some reasons Russia - the major consumer of the Belarusian goods - tends to import less at the beginning of the year, the Belarusian exports managed to preserve the upward tendency.

The large GDP-forming and medium manufactures also showed good dynamics. The stocks were 50 per cent full, which is a good indicator. "This attests to the fact that our products are becoming more completive. We have to increase exports of the ready-made commodities," Sergei Sidorsky said. He underlined that "the new ideas should not remain on paper, but be used to improve the economic performance of Belarus".