Polish interest in Belarusian elections continues

Senate speaker Bogdan Borusewicz has strongly condemned the latest reprisals of Belarusian authorities targeted at top members of the Union of Poles in that country.

A number of them have been harassed by the police and even fined or arrested on minor trumped up charges. Borusewicz said a group of Polish MPs and Senators is leaving for Belarus to observe the vote in presidential elections this Sunday. He added, that not allowing them entry into Belarus would be a scandalous action on the part of Poland's eastern neighbor.

Meanwhile, a rally in support of the pro-democratic opposition has been held in the southern town of Czestochowa under the motto 'Freedom and Peace for Belarus'. A special exhibition titled "Civic Belarus" has also been opened in the Main Public Library.

An artistic happening of solidarity with Belarus is staged in the major eastern city of Lublin. Participants dressed as Belarusian militiamen are handing out marked ballots and escorting passer-by voters to polling stations. White-red-white ribbons (the symbolic national colors of free Belarus) are also being distributed. In the evening, holy mass in the intention of Belarus will be celebrated at the local Dominican Basilica. The events have been organised by the Civic Academy.

Large gatherings of supporters for the cause of Belarusian democracy are taking place in Katowice, in southern Silesia, and in the Polish capital. The rally participants in Warsaw are counting on a live telecast meeting with Aleksander Milinkevich, president Lukashenko's main contender from the democratic opposition.