Georgian security official: Belarus KGB head's claims are absurd

The absurd statements by the representatives of the government of Belarus are preventive and are aimed at protection from the possible outcomes of its own illegal actions planned for the presidential elections, Nika Rurua, Deputy Chairman of the Security and Defense Committee of the Parliament of Georgia said. The statement by Stephan Suharenko, Head of the Belarus KGB, saying that Georgia was sponsoring terrorist attacks in Belarus by the time of the presidential elections was "ravings", Nika Rurua said in his interview to Prime-News. "The claims about participation of the citizens of Georgia in plotted terrorist attacks in Belarus are mindless. On the other hand, it is fact that the present Establishment in Belarus is the last dictatorship standing in the Europe. It is common for dictatorship regimes to refer to the similar action at their end", Nika Rurua noted. According to him, the citizens of Georgia will arrive in Belarus as the observers from OSCE and other international organisations, but their participation in provocative actions aimed at destabilization is ruled out. "Alexander Lukashenko is the only proponent of destabilization in the country", Nika Rurua said.