Alexander Lukashenko: "We will prevent any coup attempt in Belarus"

Presidential elections will be held in Belarus tomorrow. Situation gets tenser and tenser on the eve of the elections. APA Eastern Europe bureau reports that Belarus president, Alexander Lukashenko, appealed to the people through the state TV channel and said that he guarantees that no coup will be made in Belarus.

Nobody will be allowed to seize the buildings, to block streets, to take the square, public peace will be ensured. Lukashenko condemned his rivals calling people to streets. He said that those who consider taking to streets as indicator of democracy are those who want rebellion, unrest and disorder.

"I guarantee that the elections will be held within the laws of our country". He said people can determine the future of the country.

He also warned the election observers not to exceed their authority: "You don't determine how we want to live, in what direction Belarus people want to go".

Lukashenko showed firmness stance in his interview to the state TV channel. He said that any attempt to make a coup will be prevented.

"Heaven forbid that they should try to make a coup in Belarus. We will give an unprecedented punishment to them". /APA/