Belarus sends to Eurovision Polina

Belarus will be represented at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest by Polina Smolova.

The song she will sing in Athens remains in doubt and may not be confirmed until the EBU deadline of 20 March. Last year Belarussian performer, Angelica Agurbash also changed her song just 24 hours ahead of the deadline.

Smolova had to perform the song ' Sait Odinochestva '. But she asked the BRTC to allow her to change it to the English language song 'Mama'.

Belarussian performer will keep fans guessing about the song until the last moment.

"We are preparing a different song, as I consider "Mama" not to be the right song for Eurovision, although it was right for the national reselection. If we do not succeed in finding a new song, then Polina will perform a different version of 'Mama'", said song co-writer Sergei Suhomlin to website esckaz.

The deadline to submit all details to EBU, including song and preview video is 20 March. News related after