Police detain Belarus opposition leader: witnesses

MINSK (Reuters) - Belarussian police on Saturday detained one of the two opposition leaders who lost to President Alexander Lukashenko in elections a week ago, witnesses said.

Opposition supporters said riot police had pulled Alexander Kozulin out of a crowd of protesters marching on a detention center where about 200 of their comrades are being held.

Separately, Interfax news agency reported that Alexander Milinkevich, the main leader of the opposition, had also been detained but an aide denied the report.

"A few minutes ago I spoke to Milinkevich's aides. He has not been arrested and is in safety," said Sergei Voznyak, press secretary for Milinkevich's election staff.

But he said Milinkevich's personal spokesman Pavel Mazheiko had been arrested.

Kozulin and Milinkevich have been leading days of rallies against what they called electoral fraud.

Earlier on Saturday, Milinkevich told thousands of supporters that he had formed a "Popular Movement for the Liberation of Belarus".