Ukraine Foreign Ministry: Ukraine-Belarus relations do not depend on current legislation

Ukrainian-Belarus relationship is strong enough to overcome some insignificant misunderstandings, Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk told.

"It is obviously difficult to say we have friendly relations with the country which forbids Ukrainian citizens Belarus. Actually saying, it violates bilateral agreements. However, I would refrain from dotting or evaluating whether it is friendly or not deed. Nevertheless, we do reckon Ukrainian-Belarusian potential is greater than sporadic splashes which sometimes happen," commented Forging Minister Tarasyuk in 1+1 Channel live broadcast.

Tarasyuk stressed that the bilateral trade-economical relations do not depend on the ruling authorities in Belarus. However, the current Belarusian power badly influences the wide circle of bilateral ties, such as ratification of some important bilateral documents.

Regarding the incident with PORA-PRP members, Ukraine Foreign Ministry spread the statement with negative evaluation of the incident. The Head of the Ministry denies the information spreading by Belarus concerning so-called un-friendly actions held by Ukraine. Ukraine is also alleged to be the channel for the US financing of Belarusian opposition.