Law enforcers of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine accelerating cooperation in crisis

MINSK, March 3 (Itar-Tass) -- Law enforcers of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine will develop their interaction amidst the world financial crisis.

"Our countries are facing serious problems. We must ensure stability and security," Russian Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev told the Ukrainian and Belarusian colleagues in Minsk on Tuesday.

"The three economies are mutually dependent, so we must build up police control in order to prevent possible frauds," he said. "We will focus on crediting and finance, so that all money assigned in support of economic entities reach their recipients and thus prevent massive dismissals, production halts and social discontent."

One percent growth of unemployment means five percent growth of crime rate, Nurgaliyev said.

He put the emphasis on the need for unifying criminal and administrative laws of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In that case, persons who perpetrate a crime in one of the three countries will be unable to find refuge in another, he said.

"Closer interaction and preventive measures are the only way to help each other," Nurgaliyev said.

The law enforcers noted the recently intensified migration of criminals and criminal groups.

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry exposed 155 criminal groups from the Caucasus in Ukraine last year, Minister Yuri Lutsenko said.

"Naturally, we are concerned about this tendency. There are no borders for criminals, who are seeking the place where they are not expected. We must exchange information," the minister said.



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