Lukashenka tests Europe

On the Charter '97 Press Center, Zmitser Dashkevich - leader for Young Front - claims in an interview, that the latest arrests and judgings in Belarus against opposition-members is a way for president Aleksandr Lukashenka to test Europe and see whether they will condemn him or not for violations against human rights.

And because the arrests on 14th and 16th of February this year did not rise many outside vioces, Dashkevich points out how this shows Lukashenka that he can go on as usual, or even crank up the pressure a little more. It also seems like Dashkevich anticipates more arrests, but he also says: "[R]allies of solidarity with political prisoners will be continued until their release and full rehabilitation."

The most noted case is the one of Artsyom Dubski, who was released from arrest on 3 March, but immediatley was arrested for new charges.

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