Belarus, Greece sign intergovernmental agreement on economic and scientific cooperation

Belarus and Greece have confirmed the intent to develop cooperation in economic and sci-tech areas by concluding the government-to-government agreement. The document was signed in the Belarusian Foreign Ministry during the Belarusian-Greek ministerial consultations on March 5.

On the part of Belarus, the document was signed by Deputy Foreign Minister Valery Voronetsky, on the part of Greece by Director of the CIS cooperation department of the Foreign Ministry Ambassador Nikolaos Tsamados, reported Belta.

The Belarusian-Greek ministerial consultations opened in Minsk today, March, 5 and will run for two days. The Belarusian delegation is headed by Aleksei Skripko, chief of the main Europe directorate of the Foreign Ministry, the Greek delegation is led by Nikolaos Tsamados. The sides will consider bilateral contacts in economic, political, legal and humanitarian areas and interaction in the international organisations including the OSCE.

According to the Foreign Ministry, last year the Belarusian-Greek trade amounted to $18.2 million, up 5% from 2007. Exports reached $2 million. Belarus' major exports to Greece were confectionary goods, timber, fur raw materials, and artificial fibres.

Seven companies with the participation of Greek capital (three joint and four foreign companies) have been registered in the Republic of Belarus.



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