Amnesty International calls on Belarus to declare moratorium on executions

Minsk -APA. Amnesty International called on the leadership of Belarus to declare immediate moratorium on executions and then to eliminate the death penalty at all, APA reports. "Belaruis is the last country in Europe and in the former Soviet Union that still carries out executions. All information on the death penalty in Belarus is kept secret. There are no available statistics for the number of executions" said Amnesty International in the statement placed on its web-site.

Amnesty International, however, estimates that as many as 400 people may have been executed since Belarus gained its independence in 1991. At least four people were executed and one more sentenced to death in 2008. The body is not handed over to the family, who are informed only after the event, and the place of burial is kept secret causing further distress to relatives.

2390 people were executed in the world in 2008 and 1718 of them (72%) were executed in China.



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