Has Belarussian Eurovision Entry Come a Year Too Late?

PETR Elfimov who sings and sounds better than Diam Bilan might find he has come a year too late to lift the Eurovision crown for Belarus in Moscow.

The song is a power rock ballad that is bound to get people voting in their droves for the oddly Freddie Mercury hairstyled blonde singer but it really depends whether the viewing public and judges across Europe will go for another song of a similar ilk to last year.

Maybe what is really needed is a powerful stage performance as well to ensure he stands out among the crown of other participants in the first semi-final in May.

According to Elfimov was born into a family of musicians on February 15, 1980, in the city of Mogilev, Republic of Belarus. Petr's father, also named Petr, is a professional musician, a bass in a church choir. His mother, Jeanette, is a conductor of a distinguished choir, which has won numerous first prizes at international contests. In 2007 she was ruled the best conductor out of 50 participants at an international festival in Poland.

Seemingly like all child prodigies born in the East, Petr's stage debut happened when he was just six years of age. At fourteen, he became the solo singer in a vocal band called Double W. In 1999, he created the Egoist band, where he was the solo singer and the song-writer. He wrote his first song If You Only Knew when he was eighteen. In 2004 he won the Grand Prix at the International Popular Song Contest Vitebsk 2004 within the framework of the International Arts Festival Vitebsk Slavic Bazaar. Then he had triumphs in Estonia, Poland, Serbia.

In 1998 Petr finished the Mogilev Music and Choreography Lyceum. In 2005 he graduated from the Belarus State Music Academy, where he majored in singing. Since 2007, Petr has been teaching popular singing at the Modern Knowledge Institute named after A. M. Shirokov. Currently he is doing a master course at the Belarus State Music Academy, and is hoping to get his master degree this June.


Eurovision Song Contest 2009 Semi-Final (1)


Performer: Petr Elfimov

Song title: Eyes That Never Lie

Song writer(s): Valery Prokhozhy

Song composer(s): Petr Elfimov

I was wand'ring alone

I was turning to stone

I was going insane

When you came into my life

You chased sorrow away

You changed night into day

You cured all of my pain

With your eyes that never lie


All my life I waited

Thinking I would never fly

Then you looked and saw my wings

With your eyes that never lie

You're my desert and well

You're my heaven and hell

You're my reason to be

My love song, my battle cry

I know I will be whole

While I keep in my soul

The light shining on me

From your eyes that never lie


Oh, my darling angel

Guide me through this barren sky

If I'm lost I'll see the way

In your eyes that never lie



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