Venezuela, Belarus Banks Cooperate

Caracas - Venezuela and Belarus narrowed collaboration with a high level visit by the National Bank of the latter to this capital.

Edgar Hernandez, Superintendent of Banks and other Financial Institutions (SUDEBAN) expressed that by means of that exchange positive experiences can be obtained to impel development of Venezuela.

Among the most important aspects outlined by both countries is the interest of strengthening the supervision of financial institutions by the government, through suitable regulations and rules, in view of the world crisis that affects many nations.

SUDEBAN outlined the disposition of signing an understanding memorandum to strengthen the relationships of information exchange of the banking systems of both nations in order to strengthen bilateral relationships.

Serguei Kalechits, Monetary Policy and Economic Analysis subdirector of the National Bank of Belarus, stated that this first visit to Venezuela will study the situation of the Venezuelan National Financial System and establish agreements for information exchange.

He also expressed satisfaction for the usefulness of the technical information given by the Superintendence of Banks and other Financial Institutions of Venezuela.

The delegation of Belarus arrived in Caracas last Wednesday and they have had exchanges with the Central Bank of Venezuela, the Venezuelan Bank Association, the Commission of Administration of Foreign Currencies and SUDEBAN.



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