In 2008, Belarus Universal Commodity Exchange sold 24.000 tons of rapeseed oil for exports

In 2008, Belarus Universal Commodity Exchange sold agricultural products at the sum of 1093 bln BYR (382.55 mln USD), an increase of 1.4 times compared to 2007 level, according to the announcement of the exchange.

The export volumes were formed from 42.600 tons of rye flour, 5.000 tons of wheat flour, 820 tons of groats, 23.800 tons of rapeseed oil.

Belarusian consumers purchased 21.600 tons of soybean meal, 22.600 tons of sunflower meal, 6.000 tons of feed barley, 20.400 tons of feed maize, 10.000 tons of feed wheat, 60.000 tons of soybean oil.

Additional proceeds from sales of Belarusian exporters totaled nearly 2.7 mln USD, including 595.800 USD for rapeseed oil and 211.200 USD for rye flour.

As a reminder, the government allowed the list of 78 agricultural commodities for the exchange trade operations, including rye flour, groats, soybean and sunflower meals, grains, soybean oil and etc.



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