No country is enemy for Belarus, President says

Belarus pursues a peaceful foreign policy and considers no country as its enemy, said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on March 10 during discussions about the concept of the strategic exercise West 2009, reported Belta.

The head of state said, Belarus is not a militarised country and does not pursue such a policy. "We don't want problems for anyone. We would like to live in peace with everyone," noted the President. He stated regretfully that "the world is not getting safer" and many facts testify to it. "Nobody writes off the military force and we cannot guarantee that at some time such a military force will not be directed against our country and our nation," underscored the President.

The head of state remarked that Belarus cannot but be concerned about the actions taken by the troops and the NATO bloc on the whole at the Union State border. "This is why we should take into account these factors in determining our military policy and strategy," said Alexander Lukashenko.

In his opinion, the army should be trained in warfare in order to keep the peace. The President reminded that in 2008 new fundamental documents were developed, namely the armed forces development concept, which runs till 2020, and the national defence plan, which determines main principles of the military policy and directions of the Belarusian army development. These documents were prepared in view of demands of the national defence, modern armed warfare tendencies, the existing level of military threat and the economic capabilities of Belarus, added Alexander Lukashenko.



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