Belarus holds Farshchian art exhibition

'The Angel' by Mahmoud Farshchian

Iran has mounted an exhibition in Belarus to display paintings by the celebrated Iranian painter and miniaturist Mahmoud Farshchian.

The exhibition, sponsored by Iran's embassy in Belarus, includes tens of miniatures by the Iranian artist along with several exquisite Iranian carpets.

"People have shown great interest in the exhibition which is aimed at introducing Iran's culture and civilization," said Davoud Mirzakhani, the cultural attache at Iran's embassy in Belarus on Tuesday.

The exhibition will be open for forty days in a museum in the city of Gomel, the administrative center of Homiel Voblast and the second-largest city in Belarus.

Mahmoud Farshchian is known as Iran's master of miniatures, whose works have been displayed in numerous galleries and museums around the world.

The Iranian painter was chosen as an outstanding 21st century intellectual by Cambridge and has received an honorary doctorate in fine arts.



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